This advanced troffer retrofit kit easily converts 1X4 fluorescent troffers to the most current LED technology. Its ultra high efficiency reduces energy costs. It is one of the LED troffer retrofits that comes completely assembled as a lensed kit, requiring only one minute to install, reducing labor costs. The retrofit kit is also 0-10V Dimmable with 5 Year Warranty. Ideal applications include: office, retail, healthcare, education and hospitality interiors.
The VEK series uses the latest LED technology and LED driver to ensure steady performance and long lifetime.
The Troffer Retrofit Kit provides the ideal way to replace existing 1X4 recessed troffer, utilizing the existing fixture housing. The kit provides all the components needed to perform the change out quickly and efficiently, allowing for system upgrades without disturbing the ceiling. The LED troffer retrofit is completely assembled within the frame.
*Emergency Driver Solution Option
*Bi-Level Occupancy Sensor Option

LED Versa Kit 1X4