Our FM8D-MV-10V-MW is a moving object sensor that can detect a range of 360º. Fully adjustable high and low dimmed light level. Designed for LED fixtures rated for extreme temperatures and up to 2000,000 on/off cycles.
This products stable working state adopts a microwave sensor (high-frequency output<0.2mW) it is safe and performs better than an infrared sensor.
Daylight Harvest Function: This function inside the motion sensor to achieve tri-level control, for some areas which require a light change notice before switch-off. The sensor offers 3 levels of light: 100%––>dimmed light (natural light is insufficient) ––>off; and 2 periods of selectable waiting time: motion hold-time and stand-by period; Selectable daylight threshold and freedom of detection area. 

● Provides line voltage On/Off switching and 0-10VDC dimming control
● Works with electronic ballasts or LED drivers
● High and low modes fully adjustable from 0-10VDC
● Time delay from 10 seconds to 60 minutes
● Optional cut off delay
● Adjustable ramp up and fade down times
● High inrush stability zero crossing circuitry for reliable, long-life operation catching relay is durable for all load.
● UL773A and FCC

Bi Level Motion Sensor