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APsystems QS1 & YC600 ECU-R Gateway Residential ECU, Zigbee

SKU: 209001

APsystems ECU-R Gateway | Residential ECU, Zigbee comm, WiFi, no CTs, no RGM


• Collects and transmits inverter data

• Module-level monitoring of each inverter

• Built-in Wi-Fi

• Small size, flexible installation

• ZigBee communication


Connect to the ECU-R via your smartphone. The APsystems Gateway Energy Communication Unit (ECU), is the information gateway for APsystems inverters. It collects and transfers module performance data giving you comprehensive monitoring and control over each individual module, optimizing the performance of your solar array.

  • Product Specifications


    • Manufacturer       APSystems
    • Model                  209001
    • Length [mm (in)]   122mm ( 4.8in)
    • Width [mm (in)]    87mm (3.4in)
    • Depth [mm (in)]    25mm (0.98in)
    • Weight [kg (lb)]     0.15kg (0.33lb)