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Commercial-grade ECU, Zigbee, WiFi, w/consumption monitoring-non RGM


  • APsystems ECU-C- Zigbee / WiFi Energy Communicatio

    The APsystems Gateway, our state-of-the-art Energy Communication Unit (ECU), is the information gateway for APsystems inverters. It collects and transfers module performance data giving you comprehensive monitoring and control over each individual module, optimizing the performance of your solar array.The ECU-C, designed from the ground up for commercial applications, offers advanced functionality for more data-centric installations, with consumption and production monitoring, contact and relay ports, and high-frequency metering.


    • High frequency metering
    • AC power monitoring
    • Relay Control
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • Single phase or three phase
    • PLC or ZigBee communication


APsystems ECU-C- Gateway - Zigbee / WiFi Energy Communication Unit