PPE for Electrical Hazards

Do you or anyone you know work with 50 volts or higher? If so, that means you are exposed at some time to a shock and or arc flash hazard and must be protected – testing is touching and you must have rubber gloves on – when you are in the task of taking a cover off you must be dressed – until you verify, you are exposed. Today - it is all or nothing when we talk about PPE - you either need it or you do not - full coverage (head, hands, body) is required when there is exposure.

The most common cause of an arc flash - switching a breaker - because we do it the most and we are breaking contact. In its simplest form, PPE is required when there is either contact or interaction with electrical equipment or conductor’s. Common ways to interact with equipment include:

• Opening or closing doors

• Removing a cover (What is behind the cover? In what condition?.

• Using tools or test equipment

• Operating switches or breakers

Today’s standard says this:

Care of equipment - protective equipment shall be maintained in a SAFE, CLEAN, and RELIABLE condition and shall be visually inspected before each use - protective equipment shall be stored in a manner to prevent damage from physically damaging conditions and from moisture.

Our pail kits keep PPE safe and clean always making it reliable and ready to go when needed. The Tecasafe fabric we use to make the clothing is inherent so the arc flash protection can never be washed or worn out. Washing can be done at home and you will never have to worry about the arc protection not being there when needed.

Before you spend another penny on PPE, contact ATEK Distribution for more information on the best protective equipment available on the market today.

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